Monday, March 7, 2011

Things That Make Them Panties Drop

I can be a fickle creature when it comes to turn-ons, but I figured I'd give a go at listing them.
So here they are, they may get a little weird haha;

  • Anything touching my lower back. It is the only ticklish spot on my body and it really gets me going whether it is fingertips, lips, a feather etc.
  • An intense stare. If I can see you want me, I'm in too.
  • High heels. The higher the better. The sexier the better.
  • Corsets. I'm obsessed. Boobs out, belly cinched...heaven.
  • Height. Tall guys are my weakness and let's face it, the taller the woman, the less of a giant I feel.
  • Humor. If I'm laughing, you're likely to get a sexy smooch after.
  • Confidence. Not cockiness. I am in tune with the difference. You know what you want, you know what you like...that's hot.
  • Nipples. My nipples are connected to my lady parts further south. Play with those and you might get an O out of me.
  • Openness. The ability to try something new is very important to me and new ideas in the bedroom are always sexy to me.
  • Teeth. Mostly because bad teeth are a turn off.
  • Girly girls. I'm not into butch types. If I wanted to be with someone butch, I'd be with a guy. I want a woman. 
  • Smell. The mix of cologne and pheromones is so intense for me.
  • Strength. It is going to sound funny but I am in love with my bf's muscular thighs and arms. I can see this guy can control me and that's hot.
  • Dominance. Know what you want to do with me? Then do it. I'll happily oblige. 
  • Smoothness. I love a clean shaven guy or a girl with little to no hair except for the obvious places on the head/eyebrows and arms are fine. Guys, I can not emphasize the importance of trimming the bushes around the trunk. 
  • Optimism. Do you complain a lot? No way you're going to get anywhere near the goods.
  • Attention to detail. Do you remember what I like? I'll probably let you go further next time if you do.
  • Love. I have the hottest experiences when I'm in love with the person I'm with. They know all my turn ons and know me inside and out. A stranger can't do that and quite frankly, I'm not here to direct the show. It gets old having to direct someone new every time I want some action. I know what I like and if we're in love, you probably have mastered it all.

I will probably add to the list but I think this is a good start.

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  1. Very good list! :) I bet you are an absolutly amazing lover and from this list I would say it is a safe bet. *smile*