Monday, May 2, 2011


I have zero issue telling people I don't care about, how I really feel and what I think of them. I will lay on the truth like a fat person lays on ranch dressing. I've been called brutally honest too many times to count. I just don't care.

My issue comes when, on the rare occasion, I actually genuinely like a person. I tend to be less upfront about disappointment. I'll try and hide it and often come off as being cold and distant. I often see my feelings as a burden so I usually fold it up real nice and deal with it when I'm alone. This keeps people from fully understanding me and how they effect me. I never vent. I never call people to talk about it. I won't write some long drawn out email explaining everything. I'll just say ok. Or alright. Or that's fine and just deal with it alone.

Just this past few weeks, I've been hit with disappointment left and right. I don't expect things to be easy but I think one issue is enough to deal with at one time. I refuse to complain about it. It is what it is and I can't change it and I've become a tough, hard bitch because of it.

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