Saturday, April 13, 2013

Q&A: Sex in Public

Have you ever had sex in public?

Have I had sex outside of the house? Yes.
Have I had sex around people while they watched? No.
Have I had sex around people that weren't aware of my activities? Yes.
Have I had sex out in the open where people may or may not have seen? Yes.

The term public in this question can mean several things to different people, hence the multiple responses. 

Bathrooms are the perfect spot to get your kicks in public behind a locked closed doors. I use them a lot. Some may even enjoy leaving the door unlocked for the added bonus of getting caught in another way. I personally don't need people to watch me have sex. I'm sure I'd entertain the idea of porn or even stripping privately, at least girl/girl stuff if I enjoyed being watched. I don't go so far as to make sure all the windows are closed and covered at home, but I don't intentionally put my tits against the window when getting it from behind.

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