Wednesday, May 15, 2013

My Experience With: My Type

Quite frequently, I get asked about my "type" of guy. I'm assuming guys are asking this since it is always inquiries about men. I'm sure I'll get into my type when it comes to women another time. 

 I also get asked about my experience with other races. I always put "race" in quotations. I don't exactly have my ethnicity or race written across my forehead and no one else does. I don't ask people their origin either. It doesn't matter to me. I am a visual person. When I look at someone, I'm turned on or I'm not. Attraction begins physically. If I'm not physically attracted but I am attracted emotionally and mentally, that isn't my ideal mate. I don't want to feel guilty being with someone that I have to fake the physical part with. My "type" has to be someone pleasing to my eyes, heart and mind. I get turned on by lighter skin, light eyes and usually blonde hair. It isn't something I think about. It's my bodies reaction to a person being close to me. I can find people attractive regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation... I'm basically an equal-opportunist when it comes to seeing individuals as good looking. This does not mean I am sexually attracted in the same way. 

 I've had people say I'm ignorant. I can see how someone would think that just by hearing that I am not attracted to a ____ man. It often comes after I'm asked about black men. This is just what I've noticed. I've been part of this melting pot of a world long enough to know that in general, darker skin doesn't do anything for me. This includes guys that tan and men with naturally darker complexions. It's not my thing. Again, I don't think about any of this. I go off my body. 

When I saw my beau, my body reacted. 6'5, blonde hair, blue eyes, fair skin. It's my type. I've been with tall, dark and handsome. I've been with fat, short and jewish. I've been with 5'7, brown-eyed cheater. There are SO many different variables to human beings. Race, ethnicity, values, upbringing, job, income level, education level, the type of car they drive... A type covers far more than physical appearance. You can not judge someone for their type. I'm not offended by men who are attracted to thin, short girls with flat chests and a doctorate. Just because it isn't what I am, doesn't mean its wrong. We all have preferences. These preferences do not harm anyone. Ry loves tall, big boobs and brown eyes with a high sex drive. I fit that. Some guys love asian girls. Some guys will only date other jewish girls. Some guys will only date women willing to be stay-at-home moms. Some guys will only date size 0. Some guys will only date strippers. These can all be applied to women and their "type"/requirements, too. It doesn't matter. It doesn't affect you. Our types are all around us. If every one of us were attracted to everyone else, we'd be the Unites States of Orgies.

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