Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Art of Eating Out

And no, I'm not talking about at a restaurant. Let's talk about oral.

I know it can seem like a daunting task if you don't know what you're doing or aren't getting the pleasurable results you are hoping for. I'm going to share what I enjoy and a few tips on what you can try with your girl. 

For me, foreplay is key. It gets my clit swollen and begging to be touched. If you start out just diving into it, you have to work harder since the clit doesn't have the blood flow it would have from foreplay stimulation. You don't want to waste time getting the clit big without it. It can lead to annoyance on both you and your partner since it is time consuming. Kiss, lick, tease the body and the clit will be begging for attention soon. Let your hands run all over her body, hovering over her crotch as you kiss and lick your way down her chest and stomach. You may want to do the same from the inner thigh up to the clit. This is the perfect way to tell her that you want her.

Now that the clit is plump, you're going to want to spread the lips. I do this even when I masturbate. It gets the skin out of the way and puts the clit front and center. I like an initial kiss, lips wrapped around the clit, sucking gently. It is such a tease but I love it. If she really enjoys that, do it a few more times. I like a full flat tongue against my clit, licking bottom to top before the tip of the tongue licks up and down. If you feel like teasing her a bit more, run your tongue in circles around the clit. If your tongue gets tired from the up and down, try side to side. Be aware of what makes her squirm. It is good to try a few things and take note of what she really seems to be enjoying and go back to that. If you were to lick my clit up and down, side to side, then in circles, you'd notice my extreme reaction to the up and down. 

I don't expect any man to use his tongue from start to finish when it comes to oral sex so knowledge of how to finger is also a crucial part. I think it enhances the experience. When using fingers on the clit, I always love it nice and wet. My guy either uses saliva or my cum. If your tongue gets tired but you know that what you were doing was working, just replace your tongue with your fingers. My guy switches between his tongue up and down to three fingers rubbing up and down. A seamless transition is crucial! A few seconds between your tongue and fingers can mean starting all over again. You don't want to put all that work in with your tongue and have your partner so close to climax just to have to go back to square one. So have your fingers ready to take over. I would use this time to make eye contact and show and tell how much you love her taste and squirms. When your tongue is ready for more, make the seamless transition again and slide your fingers into her pussy. Hook the fingers to find her g-spot. You can also use a toy if you want. I can't explain how amazing the dual stimulation feels with my mans tongue against my clit and his fingers or g-spot toy deep inside me. 

With all that stimulation, I can usually cum, start to finish, in 5-10 minutes. I cum harder when there is something in my cunt, fingers or toy. Having something inside to clench while I orgasm is an incredible feeling. This has been my experience, from trial and error and is just a starting point for you to try yourself. Women are different. Different things turn us on and different techniques get us to climax. For a few times, your experience may be trying different things just to see what she reacts to. Don't be afraid to ask what she enjoyed in a playful way. It won't be long until you're a pro at pleasing your woman orally. I can tell you from personal experience, the more I get, the more I want to give ;) So don't be deterred by your lack of experience or lack of success in the past. Put in the time to find what she likes and you'll have her screaming for more in no time. 

All this talk about oral has turned me on. I hope my favorite tongue gets home soon!


  1. MMMMMM Such a lovely post and very informative too. I have been using these techiques for years when I give my partner oral and they almost always work wonders. One time that comes to mind is when I was giving her sweet clit lots of loving attention with my tongue and lips while I fingered her g-spot, she passed out from cuming so hard. I was honored she was that turned on with me. *dreams*

  2. Great post, Love reading through these. I would love you to do a segment on your opinions of massage, of course including Erotic massages?