Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Toy Focus: G-Gasm

My go-to toy has become this g-gasm delight. I am a simple woman and this toy is sleek without bells and whistles. Bottom line; anyone can make this work in the bedroom.

It started out innocent enough...I put the head on my clit and pulled it back and forth. I wasn't into the g-spot at the time. Slowly increasing the vroom power, I was able to cum just from my clit. After a particular orgasm I was extremely wet and slid the toy inside me. I led it until it hooked on my gspot. There is sat as I turned the vibrator on. It found my sweet spot and made me crave cock; as a good toy should. I added to the stimulation by touching my clit....mind-blowing would be a good start in explaining the incredible combination. It is because of this toy, I crave a toy, fingers or cock inside me whenever I cum.

As you can see, this toy is great solo. My issue with most toys is men look at them like some foreign objects not intended for their exploration. This one is very easy and therefore, partner friendly. The twist bottoms and increases vibration intensity. If he looks at you funny with this one, you might want to put your pants back on and RUN! 

If you're looking for a bit higher end in a toy purchase, I suggest this. The major difference is the material. G-Gasm is made of hard, slick plastic whereas the zenith has a velvety feel to it. Both could use less noise on their resume but nothing is perfect.

And I haven't forgotten about my guys. This can also be used for p-spot play. I'm an equal opportunist in toy reviews too.

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  1. I think vibrators, and toys in general, are a lot of fun to be shared as part of foreplay. I am all for them as they can add so much to the bedroom *anyroom* time.