Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Size: Does it Matter?

Does size matter? The simple answer is yes but not for the reason you think. Here's why:

We are all different in our turn ons, genital size, pleasure responses, wants and needs. Not every woman is looking for a 12 inch cock just as not every woman will be satisfied by the average 5 to 6 inches. Unaroused, the average vagina is only 3 inches deep. It is due to arousal and pressure that it will expand both in length and width. 

Some women do not get a lot of pleasure from vaginal penetration alone. A less responsive gspot can be very discouraging. These women will often put more emphasis on pleasure from oral or the use of fingers. For others, oral and the use of fingers make a more intense climax along with penetration.

The key is finding the right fit. Personally, I am built very small and can't fit much more than the average cock size. I don't like going under 6 inches however. This is my preferences and what I know sucessfully stimulates me. The best test for me came through my toy reviews. I would get certain toys and they would be too thick and cause pain. Length would also be an issue. I was able to pinpoint my ideal length and width through this trial and error. As a woman, if you want to find your preference without being the goldilocks whore of cocks, I suggest going the toy route. It has worked wonders for me and I now have an eye for my perfect fit.

For the guys, no matter what your size, make sure you have all the proper techniques in your sex arsenal. Read my blog on eating out. Know how to finger the gspot. Have positions that highlight what you have in the dick department. I have found the following position to be mindblowing for all sizes;

You girl should be on her back. Prop her butt up with a pillow. Kneel between her spread legs and penetrate. With her ass slightly in the air, the angle should be perfect for hitting her gspot. Bend her legs or keep them straight but use them to lift her slightly off the pillow to get an even better angle. Her legs or hips should be your anchor point for thrusting. While you're inside, you can either play with her clit, use a toy or have her play with it. I find it easier to be in control of the clit while he focuses on hitting that spot. The combination of gspot and clitoral stimulation has worked wonders for me and those I have coached.

Size matters in varying degrees with each individual. There are woman with the preference and pleasure response that will match your size. Don't be discouraged. If you're 3 inches or 13, don't rely on your size alone. Be the best lover you can by learning and mastering all the techniques in the bedroom. If a girl wanted to do all the work with 10 hard inches, she'd get a dildo. We engage someone physically for the whole package. No one wants a slacker whether you aren't compensating for what you see as a "shortcoming" or if you think your gift to women is your size. Do the work. Your girl will not only appreciate the effort, but the overall experience will make her come back for more.

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